Run Your Swimming Pool Sustainably with Solar Pumps

Running a swimming pool or spa is one of the biggest culprits of energy consumption in the average home. As it is running on a continuous, regular basis, it is slowly taxing your energy bill even when you’re not using it. Don’t let this high-maintenance cost put you off however, there are some smart purchasing decisions you can make to drastically reduce the impact it has on your budget.

Our range of solar powered pool pumps draw on natural sunlight & are self-sufficient from the mains power grid, meaning you stand to save you & your family a considerable amount with your next electricity bill.

Turn high-maintenance into low-maintenance

The pool pump is at the core of your pools operating system. It works tirelessly to drain water from the pool & force it through your filter before returning it back where it came from. This process can be very taxing on your power source, which is why you only want to invest in a quality solar pump provided by the professionals.

Tactical pool use

Alternatively, if you are selective with your pool use & choose to drain it entirely during those cold periods, when the thought of jumping into those icy waters is the last thing on everybody’s mind, our pumps can be of use there too. This way, you’ll be able to cut down your energy bills & place less of a strain on the solar panels to ensure they offer you the maximum lifespan.