Save Your Wallet and the Environment With Solar Surface Pumps

Whether you require a water pump for livestock, plants or for your home, opting to go with solar energy can save you considerable amounts of money over time. Not only this, but it eliminates the need for mains electric pumps & provides a more sustainable alternative which will ultimately benefit the environment.

Advantages for those living off the grid

For those who own a farmproperty in remote areas of rural Australia & rely on windmills or diesel pumps, you’re probably sick of the costs & constant need for repairs & maintenance. Solar panels & pumps require little to no maintenance & operate year round, provided there is sunlight of course. Alternatively, longer pumping can be achieved by adding batteries to your solar system. This means you can have your pump running efficiently with minimal disruptions to your schedule.

If you have limited access to the power grid, but plenty of sunshine and blistering heat, then solar energy is the perfect alternative that’s sustainable & affordable. The money you save on petrol & diesel in the long run will serve as an investment & your system will effectively pay itself off over time.

Quick and easy water

When your home or farm is near a shallow water source, such as a stream, dam, pond or even a water tank, a solar pump can efficiently lift large quantities of H2o & provide pressurised water for your irrigation or home water system.

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