Australia’s Sole Provider of Rison Solar Pumps

Here at Solar Pump Sales we offer specialised products which are only available in Australia through us. We are the only authorised seller of Rison within the country & can provide you with their range ofwater pump solutions. This is one of the many reasons why we are set apart from other suppliers on the market & why we have a superior range to anybody else.

Innovative solar design

Rison has at its disposal a team of technical specialists who are continually researching & developing their solar systems to find new ways to enhance & improve their products. Their innovative team utilises their scientific knowledge to find the best methods of harnessing the valuable energy of the sun & converting it into functional electricity for their variety of pumping equipment.

Why choose Rison

This reputable provider of green technologies has 10 years’ experience in the industry & is an internationally recognised innovator for providing sustainable clean energy technologies. Their philosophy is to create a greener planet & they are committed to continually improving their products based on the feedback from customers & their own growing understanding of the technology. Their evolving understanding of their solar pumps ensures they only provide good products & they do so at affordable prices.

Contact us for a free quote on our installation services

If you’re interested in the Rison range & would like more information on the product or our full suite of installation services available to you, call us on (08) 9525 3885 or email & we’ll happily provide you with more information. Our friendly team of professionals can also offer suggestions as to the correct product for your individual needs.