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Australia’s Trusted Provider of Lorentz Solar Pumps

Whether you need a pumping system for stock water, irrigation, drinking water or swimming pool filtration, we supply products from the world leaders. Our Lorentz pumps are considered some of the best on the market, coming from the German-engineered market leader which is renowned for its durability & efficient products. This well respected brand has been in the industry for over 25 years & is now supplied in more than 100 countrwateries around the world. Solar Pump Sales is proud to be one of their suppliers & have the ability to provide our customers with all their superior products.

What we have on offer for Australia

Our Lorentz pumps available in Australia include all the Centrifugal & Helical models. Both types of pumps are specifically suited to various applications. Features, attributes and benefits Our range of pumps have similar quality features to ensure a high level of performance, safety and reliability.
  • Brushless DC motor – this component means that the motor is maintenance free, ensuring efficiency & minimal hassle for you
  • Water submersion – as the pumps can beimmersed in water, they are primed & filled with water, meaning faster operation & greater performance
  • Premium stainless steel – all models are designed with corrosive resistant materials, preventing rust & corrosion. This allows for the pumps to be left in the water without fear of degradation
  • No electronics in motor– all of these products are safety tested & have no electronics to pose a hazard whilst submersed in the water.
The Lorentz range can be submersed to a depth of 250m & are fully enclosed & insulated for maximum durability. They offer a high level of solar performance with a noiseless motor that won’t disturb you compared to their diesel counterparts. Solar over diesel Our selection of Lorentz solar pumps are available Australia wide & can deliver clean water sustainably & economically for rural areas who do not have easy access to the power grid. Lorentz provide viable options for all residents & farms who want to cut down on costs & maintenance & have a system which will effectively pay itself off in four – five years.