Franklin Submersible Solar Pumps Available Australia Wide

We are authorised distributors of the Franklin submersible solar pump range, a global provider of speciality products currently in use across the world in residential, commercial and industrial functions. It is a trusted provider for a broad range of applications, primarily including water transfer & grey water systems. So rest assured that when you choose from our selection of Franklin products, you are choosing from a brand with a wealth of experience behind them & time tested designs which are relied upon across many large industrial sectors, including the Australian water industry.

Why choose Franklin?

This brand was first established in Australia in 1962 & has since expanded to operate within 17 different countries to become a leading name in submersible motor products. They are a trusted brand & offer solar pumping solutions for water bores & larger systems for industrial sized jobs. Whether you need a solar system for drinking water, agriculture or livestock watering, you are sure to find a reliable product within the Franklin range.

Invest in solar and save

The price of diesel is increasing each year, which means you are likely to pay more to maintain your water pump systems. Investing in solar allows you to cut out this growing expenditure & pay off your system with the money that you save on running costs.

Want to find out more?

If you’d like additional information on our selection of Franklin products, give us a call today on (08) 9525 3885 or email friendly staff are all equipped with excellent product knowledge & will be able to offer advice or suggestions as to the appropriate product for you.