Choosing the Right Solar Panel Array for Your Needs

Considering the size of the system you intend to be powering, you may need a number of solar panels with a higher wattage to keep up with the power demand. We supply everything from 5 watt to 300 watt solar panels & custom build frames to carry multiple panels. If you have multiple systems which require powering, these frames can be connected to increase your intake of energy.

What happens on a cloudy day?

As you can imagine, our panels cannot collect much sunlight during the dead of night or on a heavily cloudy day. This is why we advise most of our customers to install a larger array than they possibly need, ensuring that the sunlight provides adequate energy throughout the peak hours of the day & maintains enough power for those cloudy periods.Choosing a 250 watt panel may be more expensive & take up more space, but it will pay itself off in the long run by providing more solar energy & ensuring your pumping system is always up & running.

Position is key

It is critical when installing your solar panels to have them setup in the best position to ensure they receive the maximum amount of sunlight. Speak with our professional installers to discuss the best positioning of your panel arrays. For example, having your panels on a 20 degree angle will ensure the most power retention, so depending on the angle of your roof, a ground mounted system may be the preferred course of action.