Custom Designed Solar Panel Frames

We offer a comprehensive suite of services & have the ability to design & supply frames for any sized solar panel. We can construct frames for panels ranging from 20 watt to 300 watt. Depending on the size of your panel array & what type of system you intend to be powering, our frames can hold two, three or many more panels & can be hooked up with additional frames to achieve greater power retention.

Reliable, durable and lightweight

We design our frames specifically to be easy to transport & setup, allowing you to relocate quickly if required. The materials used are chosen to be strong yet lightweight, whilst remaining more affordable than opting to try & build one yourself. Our specialised team has been constructing frames of varying sizes & weight bearing capabilities for many years & are qualified to provide the most reliable frames for your equipment.’

Roof or ground? That is the question

Choosing whether to mount your panels on the roof of your house or on the ground is dependent on a number of factors. Such things as the angle of the roof, surrounding shade & lack of roof space can contribute to the ground being a more feasible alternative. Whatever your decision, we can create customised frames suitable for either & can provide suggestions as to the best course of action.

Contact us to place an order

If you’d like to discuss the dimensions or particulars for your solar panel frame, contact us on (08) 9525 3885 or email & one of our friendly staff will take you through our service.