Superior Solar Powered Piston Pumps

This model of pump is excellent for those who need to achieve different levels of pressure – with a maximum level of up to 85 pounds of pressure per square inch. This is attained through the repeated motion of a piston through the central cylinder of the pump, drawing the fluid in with greater suction. As the piston moves, the pressure can be built up to varying levels, forcing the liquid to pulsate & move through the pump at a rate dependent on the speed of the piston.

Benefits of choosing to go with the piston

Because this variety of pump has such a broad pressure range, you are capable of controlling the pressure without impacting upon the flow rate. This means that changes in pressure & the discharge rate have little effecton the performance of the pump. You can achieve a continuous rate of discharge throughout use, whilst having the freedom to change the pressure range as you use it.

This is advantageous for individuals looking to move corrosive fluids,depending on the metal used. For those using our solar powered piston pumps for irrigation or watering their livestock, they are useful for controlling the rate of discharge & achieving an adequate pressure output for the needed task.

The sun is your friend

If you live in rural Australia & don’t have easy access to a mains power grid, utilising solar energy to power your pumps can be a very practical solution. Not only do they require little maintenance to run, they are also efficient, quiet & save you money on fuel & power bills as well as repairs. They are also much more beneficial to the environment.