Magnetic Water Conditioners are a Must with Every Solar Pump

One of the biggest problems with any variety of pump & plumbing system is a build-up of calcium, scale & corrosion. Especially with bores, issues such as salinity, calcium& lime scale build-up can reduce the performance of your system, result in additional maintenance costs & demand more power to operate.

If you have an existing scale build-up, this can reduce the diameter of the hose or pipe, resulting in poor performance, complete blockages or even destroy the working components of your equipment. Utilising our range of magnetic water conditioners on offer here at Solar Pump Sales can protect your equipment & ensure it operates at peak efficiency.

The power of magnets

This product provides an environmentally safe alternative to harsh chemicals & are proven to operate more efficiently than some other methods. Not only this, but this alternative helps cut down on the cost of purchasing such chemicals to help manage scale & calcium.

Benefits of utilising our water conditioners

The three most common problems with bores are the excessive levels of salt, calcium & iron in the water supplies. The magnets can successfully reduce existing scale & help reduce the iron oxide scale which makes up rust, from taking hold.

Whether you utilise solar pumps for irrigation equipment, livestock water supplies or your home plumbing, our product can improve the quality of your water & assists in making your water run smoothly. The improvement in taste makes your water more palatable to both animals & humans. An added bonus is the improvement in plant growth & good health. Invest today and save in the future.

Sacrificial Anodes

Anodes fitted to submersible pumps are highly recommended when pumps are installed in corrosive water conditions. The corrosion generally attacks the anode rather than the pump, hence the term, sacrificial anode. We have a range of anodes available for any customer experiencing these problems.