Your Solar Panels are Only as Good as Your Power Controllers

Choosing the proper solar power regulator for your system will ensure you maximise your power retention. A quality regulator will manage how much electricity is stored in your battery & ensure it doesn’t become overloaded & short circuit. These are only needed for off the grid solar systems which utilise their own batteries & are self-sufficient.

Speak to the experts

If you are unsure as to your power input & the wattage of your combined panel arrays, speak to the professionals at Solar Pump Sales & we’ll be able to calculate the appropriate system for you. We advise to only get a high quality solar controller so that if you decide to add to your network down the track, you won’t have to spend more on an upgrade. It is important to hire the solar specialists to ensure you are unlocking the full potential of your panels & getting the most value for your money.

Our range of regulators

When you’re choosing between our Solar MPPT 80A Regulator & the slightly smaller 50A model, it is important to consider the generation levels you’ll need to sustain your system. Our models are of the highest quality & at a commercial standard, meaning you stand to gain up to 30% more power generation than other inferior models.

Give us a call on (08) 9525 388 or email to discuss which controller solutions is appropriate for you. Our friendly team have extensive product knowledge & will be able to align you with the correct product.