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Solar Swimming Pool Pumps – JTS 015

Solar Swimming Pool Pumps – JTS 015

Lorentz solar pool pumps are the best on the world market. There are cheaper pool pumps but when it comes to the leading quality, a Lorentz solar pool pump is the best choice. Extremely well constructed & very reliable.

They are available in two sizes, PS600 & PS1800.

Averaging 8 hours pumping a day achieves a very clean, healthy  pool at no power cost.

During summer 10 hours running is common which turns the average pool over two to three times & you get that every day at no cost.

The solar pool pumps function well with both commercial & private pools.

With such high volume output these pumps are often used as transfer pumps.

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Pool_PS600_CS-17-1 PS2.pdf
Pool_PS1800_CS-37-1 PS2.pdf
Lorentz Pool Pump Models.pdf

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