JTS Pumps are excellent for low flow applications, small diameter bores & floating pumps.

Available in 2” (50mm) or 3” (76mm) diameters.

Head rates: 10m to 120m.

Flow rates: 200 to 2000 L/Hr

Speed control to vary flow rates.

Run dry protection.

There are centrifugal & helical rotor models, the most popular is the helical rotor.

Information which needs to be clearly explained, there are a number of copy pumps out there that look identical to these but are of greatly inferior quality. There are many poor quality copies.

Don’t get caught with a poor quality pump.

Over time we have seen many disappointed customers who have purchased the wrong pumps.

Please view .pdf attachments.

JST3 Pump Brochure 2018 SPS.pdf

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