Providing You with Sustainable Solar Solutions for a Greener Planet

We offer one of the largest solar pump ranges in Australia, with access to some of the world’s leading innovators in solar technology. Solar Pump Sales is committed to providing clean energy alternatives to its clients in a range of quality products that are suited to a variety of functions.

As the cost of living increases along with our increasing population & decreasing resources, solar energy is quickly becoming the most feasible solution to limiting costs & the harmful effects to our environment. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of this new drive for eco-friendly technology & aim to have one of the most extensive selections available Australia wide.

Stay connected – off the grid

We have helped many farmers & other customers living in rural areas of Australia who do not have readily available access to the main power grid. Our products allow them to still maintain their water pump systems needed for drinking water, irrigation and watering their livestock, without the costly alternative of diesel engines or generators.

Whether for bores, wells, tanks, pool filtration, pasture management or repairs, our extensive range of options will have the specifications & requirements to align with your task. We also offer a full suite of accessories to complement your solar system & can offer installation & customisation for your chosen products.

Equip yourself with the products that save you time and money

It is our aim to offer products which make our customers’ lives easier & save them money in the process. Utilising solar power ensures that the expenditures associated with their existing systems are slashed, as well as reducing the amount of required maintenance. Solar panels are very easy to maintain & operate noiselessly, providing you with even more time & less aggravation.